Shooter’s history may be varied but not as varied as the building itself. Enfield as we know it, was a thriving little community and when the site’s first building was built in the early 1920’s most of the activity in Enfield was tied directly to the rail line. With many natural resources being loaded and unloaded in off shoot rail lines. Timber, cattle and gold endings shipped out with coal and manufactured goods being brought in. If you go to the railway side of the building where we have our annual outdoor summer kitchen parties you can still recognize were the rail lines came right up to the side of the building. With the popularity of cars in 1930’s, the site soon became a gas station and mechanical shop. The building had pits and some of our patrons remember coming down to get their driver’s license from the mechanic at hand. The building was expanded in the 1960’s and was converted into a movie theater. In the basement you can still see remnants of the slanted concrete used for the elevated seating. The movie theater did not have great success and the building was again expanded and converted into a grocery store. First called the Disco and later Jardine’s Variety, it was not until 1996 that the building took on the dimension as a purveyor of food, entertainment and quality beer and spirits.

Shooter’s itself was established in 1996 as a club pool hall by Albert and Gloria Walker. For several years the pool hall grew as a great venue for good times and a friendly watering hole. After about 10 years into Shooter’s history, Gloria decided to sell the bar to Susan Sangster. With the changing times and demise in popularity of pool, Susan decided to expand Shooter’s into a full restaurant and entertainment venue. The basement was renovated to continue the pool leagues while the upstairs became a restaurant thus starting out famous Thursday “Wing Night” It also opened up for night life and such acts as Classified, April Wine, Matt Minglewood, Paul Lamb with Wreckhouse and Signal Hill. Shooters soon became the number one venue in the area for live music and great food. In 2014, Susan decided to move on to other aspirations and Beth and Brent MacDonnell took over the reins. With a focus on customer service and great food, they decided to continue on with the musical acts but coupled with a more sporting theme. If there are not bands or Karaoke on the agenda, you can be sure there are sporting events with games, prizes and a great game like atmosphere. Our staff is outgoing with a fun sense of humor. So come on in and enjoy a modern take of Enfield in a historical local building.